Second ICAN newsletter

CADTM -Pakistan/ Institute for Social & Economic Justice (ISEJ),  web: / www.cadtm.pakistan.og  Email: The Pakistani economists and debt justice campaigners in the country have been warning that the country is heading towards a serious debt problem that will destabilise the economy. But the ruling elite and govt. financial managers least bothered to take…

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(CC - Flickr - Lily Rhoads)

First ICAN newsletter

Here some updates on the work of differents citizen audit groups around Europe. We hope you find this interesting and inspiring for other citizen groups.  ACiDe (Belgium): Plateforme d’audit citoyen de la dette publique en Belgique Website: National Facebook: As a collective (ACiDe), we take into account the fact that debt is not a…


#TTIP – THE TRANSATLANTIC TREATY: more austerity, less democracy

Stop TTIP, CETA, TISA… FOR A SOCIAL, ECOLOGICAL AND DEMOCRATIC EUROPE Against austerity at every level Everyone on the streets of Brussels during the European Council Summit, Friday 19 December 2014! Our national and European leaders continue to subject the people to the will of shareholders and multinationals while austerity becomes increasingly brutal. Most national austerity…