Transforming crisis to Krisis

Τhe #Festival4sce: A hub of networks towards the Alternative Route in Greece. By Insurgenta Iskra Crisis. Originally, the word derives from the ancient Greek verb “krinein”, meaning to judge in order to take a decision and its noun, “krisis”, meaning judgment, decision. According to Steven James Venette[1] “crisis is a process of transformation where the old…

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Unsustainable life with sustainable debts? No thanks! – Announcement by the Greek Debt Audit campaign

24/01/2014 By the Greek Debt Audit Campaign, The utter failure of political management of public debt by the governments of George Papandreou up to the current one of Samaras in agreement with the lenders has led to a reinvigorated debate about what next on the public debt issue. The failure is confirmed by the explosion…


2nd newsletter of TroikaWatch

Enjoy the 2nd newsletter of #TroikaWatch: In this newsletter you can read about: Overall situation European level Greece Ireland Portugal Cyprus Spain Italy Slovenia Who we are and why we write this newsletter Overall situation While the general outlook remains broadly unchanged, with the Troika still pushing for severe austerity and national governments continuing their…