Debt & Democracy in Newham: A Citizen audit of LOBO loans

By Research For Action   A dramatic withdrawal of central government funding in the last decade has exposed the crisis in local government. Austerity measures are forcing closures of youth centres and libraries, reducing bin collection and increasing council tax; the cuts are also forcing homeless people onto the streets and into crammed, sub-standard temporary accommodation…

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(CC - Flickr - Lily Rhoads)

First ICAN newsletter

Here some updates on the work of differents citizen audit groups around Europe. We hope you find this interesting and inspiring for other citizen groups.  ACiDe (Belgium): Plateforme d’audit citoyen de la dette publique en Belgique Website: National Facebook: As a collective (ACiDe), we take into account the fact that debt is not a…


Debt audits challenge the power of opaque finance

by Fanny Malinen, published originally on OpenDemocracy The belief that debts have to be repaid is one the cornerstones of the austerity narrative. But we have the tools to challenge it. “Financial capitalism is photophobic; it doesn’t like the light and thrives on opacity”, says Gerardo Pisarello. He is deputy Mayor of Barcelona, where the…


Life Before Debt – 29 March 2014

Why debt rules our lives and how to resist it DICTATOR DEBTS… PAYDAY LOANS… THIRD WORLD DEBT… AUSTERITY CUTS… THE EUROZONE CRISIS… STUDENT DEBT… VULTURE FUNDS… Six years on from the crash, the ranks of those imprisoned by debt are swelling in the UK and across the world. For years, millions of people in the…


Debt Resistance in the UK: Event 2

Debt Resistance: A seminar for analysis and action (Saturday 23rd November 2013, London). A full day seminar with George Caffentzis and others to bring together activists and academics, campaigners and theorists, to examine debt and resistance in the UK and around the world. An opportunity to deepen analysis of debt, create links, and investigate strategies…


Debt Resistance in the UK: Event 1

Two unique events exploring debt, crisis and resistance in UK: a public lecture (Thursday 21 November) and a seminar (Saturday 23 November) with George Caffentzis, David Graeber, Christina Laskaridis, Johnna Montgomerie and others. Event 1 Debt, Crisis, Resistance – lecture w/ George Caffentzis @davidgraeber Christina Laskaridis of @CorpWatchUK