Festival Of Solidarity & Cooperative Economy, Athens 10th-12th October 2014

A Different World Does Exist

The Festival4sce takes place every October in Athens since 2012This time round, we want to share it with Europe!

Programme of the #Festival4sce

As the foundations of the past collapse around us, we are watering the new seeds which grow today.

In the Greece of social, economic and environmental crisis, where the social structure has collapsed and the commons are under threat, where unemployment and economic distress are a reality for many of us… those to blame for the scam they call “the crisis” have not been held responsible for their crimes and the rotten promise of magical growth is still a repeated mantra.

But not all of us are sitting idly and settling for empty promises. On the contrary, we are participating more and more actively in groups and networks of solidarity, alternative exchange and cooperative economy, giving life to a world where accumulating money is not an end in itself.

These projects, which are expanding across the entire country, are not only a great help in our daily life, but also represent a society that has rejected the capitalist value system.

We, the groups that co-organize and participate in the Festival of Solidarity & Cooperative Economy, do not expect to cash our action in for votes, future earnings or social recognition, like other charitable or (non)social organizations that advertise their so-called “social action” do.

Our ultimate goal is to create social, and hence economic, structures that are based on people and not on profit. We don’t want to return to the Pre-Memorandum* times; instead we aim for the enhancement of self-organization, self-sufficiency and true prosperity, regardless of economic indicators.

The large-scale participation in the first and the second Festival left a smile on our faces and a lot of food for thought as well as a craving for more action. Today we are preparing for the continuation of this effort, expanding frontiers and aiming at networking and exchanging experiences and concerns among groups, but also informing citizens about a different world, a world that is not only feasible and imperative, but one that already exists.

You Are Invited!


* Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs): In Europe, in the last years, financial institutions have been bailed out in an unprecedented manner (usually without even changing their management) at the expense of ordinary people who have suffered through lost jobs, cuts to wages and pensions and sometimes even died due to cuts in their public health system or because of psychological pressure. MoUs are contracts imposed by the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank & International Monetary Fund) upon governments to receive questionable bail-outs, causing profound economic and political changes with outrageous social and environmental impacts.



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