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First ICAN newsletter

Here some updates on the work of differents citizen audit groups around Europe. We hope you find this interesting and inspiring for other citizen groups.  ACiDe (Belgium): Plateforme d’audit citoyen de la dette publique en Belgique Website: http://www.auditcitoyen.be/lacide/ National Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EtSiOnArretaitDePayer/ As a collective (ACiDe), we take into account the fact that debt is not a…

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“We are auditing Greece”

What is exactly happening with Greece, what lies behind the negotiations and how important is debt and what are the consequences for the Greek people? Last month Greece began a Debt Audit process which aims to analyse its debt on the basis of it being illegal, illegitimate, odious or unsustainable, through the Greek Debt Truth…


Unsustainable life with sustainable debts? No thanks! – Announcement by the Greek Debt Audit campaign

24/01/2014 By the Greek Debt Audit Campaign, The utter failure of political management of public debt by the governments of George Papandreou up to the current one of Samaras in agreement with the lenders has led to a reinvigorated debate about what next on the public debt issue. The failure is confirmed by the explosion…