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Euro-Crisis Report Links Bailouts and Austerity To Fascism’s Rise Across Europe

[Published on Occupy.com] Across Europe human rights, due process and democracy are eroding. On the surface, this seems most evident in the continent’s electoral lurch in May toward parties of the far-right – especially Greece’s Golden Dawn, which secured the third most votes while demonstrating open Nazi affiliation. The far-right’s rise connects directly, of course, with escalating conditions…

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Criminalising solidarity, persecuting anti-racist actions: the arrest of Spyros Marketos and Babis Kouroundis

Announcement Greek Debt Audit Campaign The Greek Debt Audit Campaign (ELE) condemns the latest autocratic attack of the government, as indicated with the arrest of the professor and lawyer Spyros Marketos and the lawyer Babis Kouroundis by the police of Thessaloniki airport on Monday 15th July. They were arrested because the authorities claimed they violated…


The Terrifying Rise of the Far-Right

Nick Dearden, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK High school teacher Costas was late for a meeting we’d planned because a student of immigrant parents had been abused by two Greek students with a history of racist activities. “This sort of thing is new” he explained to us. “Of course we had some incidents before, but now…