wake up cyprus

Cyprus is paying a painful price for bowing to international capital

Photograph: Getty Images By Tim Jones, source Newstatesman.com Being controlled by global financial interests does not benefit ordinary people, their economy or democracy, writes the Jubilee Debt Campaign’s Tim Jones. A small country is being brought to its knees by a huge banking system which has recklessly been lent money from overseas. Controls on money leaving…

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The future is emerging

Nick Dearden, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK In the centre of Athens, the depth of the crisis can now be measured by the number of homeless people sitting and sleeping on every block. These are the victims of the financiers and politicians of Europe; the ‘collateral damage’, as they are undoubtedly seen, of the policies of austerity.…

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Bailing out the Oligarchs

Nick Dearden, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK We are on a fact-finding mission to Greece with people from Spain, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Macedonia, Ireland, Portugal and Germany. We want to examine the depth of the debt crisis on the people of Greece and to learn more about the means people are using to rebuild their communities…