Why the Portuguese public debt is not payable

There has been “not one historical incidence” where austerity policies have led a country to get out from under a heavy debt burden.  Ashoka Mody, former IMF chief for mission to Ireland

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1 – The debt is an instrument of domination.

2 – A partnership between States and Capitalists

3 – Portugal – Scenarios for a continued debt payment

3.1 – Proactive and radical continuation (Hypothesis I)

3.2 – A proactive amortised continuation (Hypothesis II)

3.3 – A prolonged continuation (Hypothesis III)

4 – An evaluation of the debt instalment not to be paid

5 – How to get out of this?

by Grazia Tanta, member of Democracia e Dívida (Portugal): http://grazia-tanta.blogspot.com/



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