Criminalising solidarity, persecuting anti-racist actions: the arrest of Spyros Marketos and Babis Kouroundis Greek Debt Audit Campaign

The Greek Debt Audit Campaign (ELE) condemns the latest autocratic attack of the government, as indicated with the arrest of the professor and lawyer Spyros Marketos and the lawyer Babis Kouroundis by the police of Thessaloniki airport on Monday 15th July. They were arrested because the authorities claimed they violated a law regarding the assistance to undocumented immigrants on the basis of a racist legally enshrined provision that criminalises normal and reasonable social behaviours (such as the accompaniment to an airport or a hospital, the offering of food or shelter etc.), despite the fact the Somali girl they were accompanying had documents regarding her stay in Greece.

The government uses the debt crisis to implement anti-labour policies, yet it lost every social support. Instead it chooses an authoritarian road which slides into dictatorial practises necessary to bulldoze through the destructive measures. This becomes even clearer by today΄s full prohibition of protest and of any gathering of greater than three people in light of the German finance minister΄s and avid leader of the destructive measures, Wolfgang Schäuble΄s visit to Greece. We are convinced that all people acting against and in defiance of these policies are being noted by the law enforcement agencies who wait for the opportunity for more persecution, as occurred in the case of the two activists. Furthermore, the actual process of arrest and indictment was clumsy and inaccurate (by initially wrongly filing for a felony which was then converted to a misdemeanor). The desire to aim, albeit unsuccessfully, for the most serious offense indicates the government΄s intention to terrorize and avenge the two activists and all others who resist.

Everyday, doctors offer their services to uninsured patients, teachers make social groceries to help families of students, and young people with their lives, try to protect migrants against the knives of Golden Dawn. Social structures were demolished in favor of the bankers but are replaced with the solidarity of citizens and now this is tending to be turned  into a felony. Migrants and those supporting them are among the first victims of these policies. Even the suspension of deportations through the use of Dublin II towards Greece indicates the situation in the country is a direct threat to the safety of migrants. We stand in solidarity with our two activists and all migrants resisting the brutal policies of the Memoranda, the debt crisis and the dictatorship of the creditors.

We do not fear them! We will win!

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