2012 World Debt Figures

To facilitate our understanding of the complexity of the current crisis, Damien Millet, Eric Toussaint, and Daniel Munevar (CADTM) present a range of statistics on the debt and its repercussions.

The economic, financial, debt, and food crises, and how they are interconnected, become clear on reading the tables and graphics that illustrate this brochure.

Starting with an analysis of the 1982 debt crisis in the South right up to the current European crisis, via odious debt round the globe, and IMF and World Bank figures, the real issues are identified.

The authors take a critical look at the world economy and the mechanics of domination that are at play. They shine the spotlights on the real figures of a vacillating world.

Inequalities are blatant everywhere, and continue to develop. The 2012 debt figures speak for themselves, and show how necessary and urgent it is to radically change the system.

It is in the light of this understanding that a horizon of collective resistance may develop, in which the excluded, wherever they are, will become conscious that their sufferings all originate from the same evils, mechanisms, and culprits, and they will identify with the same struggle for solidarity, as the 99%.

2012_worlddebtfigures by CADTM


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