Declaration of the Assembly on Debt, gathered in Tunis on the 29th of March 2013 (WSF)


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Considering that the Debt has been, since the 15th century, the main historical instrument of colonization to plunder, dominate, subdue, humiliate and destroy the People and their traditions,

Considering that the debt of the global south has already been paid back several times, and that it constitutes, for the South as well as the North, a wealth, resources and of labor power towards capital,

Considering that debt is the key lever of foreign intervention, and the intervention of financial powers, with the complicity of the powerful elite, giving way to the violation of states sovereignty, and to the overall impoverishment of people, and to the brutal degradation of their economic and social rights,

Considering that the multinationals and the industrialized countries, have triggered an irreversible upheaval distrusting the climate and environmental balance, and hence generating an ecological debt, which the entire humanity shall suffer from, and to which those countries have due reparations.

Considering the effect that the mechanisms of indebtedness have had all over the planet, aggravating especially the living conditions of women, tackling mainly their financial independence; a main stone for their social and political emancipation,

With determination,

We, Organizations and Social movements, inspirted by the example of the combatant Thomas Sankara, Struggling for the liberation of peoples from the enslavement and the slavery of debt:

Affirm that the Arab people and the Maghreb people have reignited the flame of the struggle of the people for reclaiming their destiny and their desire to emancipate according to their own standards of living freely and with dignity,

We Strongly and determinately Support all the struggles around the world to free the people from the servitude of debt,

Rejecting the austerity policies applied everywhere around the word,

Supporting all the citizen-led debt audit for the identification and the cancellation, without condition, all audios and illegitimate debt,

And calling for a feminist-oriented audit which will consider the social debt through which women were the creditors,

Rejecting all debt –swaps or conversions that we would consider laundering of the odious and illegitimate debt,

We strongly denounce all pressures, and attempts to prevent the adoption of the bill of debt audit in Tunisia and everywhere around the world.

We don’t owe…we don’t pay!