Meeting “The crisis and the EU: next steps in the struggle against austerity and for social rights”

A participative and strategical seminar is being organised for social movements in Europe by #EUinCrisis, a network which gathers members from different organisations, collectives and social movements across Europe, concerned with the economic governance imposed and the humanitarian and ecological crisis it is producing.

“The crisis and the European Union: next steps in the struggle against austerity and for social rights”.

Wed 20th 09:30-12:00 / Thu 21st 09:30-12:00 / Fri 22nd 09:30-12:00 / Sat am convergence

We are working towards a multidimensional collective response and seeking better collaboration, coordination and communication between countries, sharing our knowledge, experiences and initiatives.

We will be meeting in the Summer University of ATTAC in Paris (19th-23rd of August) in a three half-day seminar focusing on Economic Governance Policies, Troika, Competitiveness pact, Commons & Debt, where we will be:

  • Reassessing and building strategies regarding the political scenario left after European elections and the challenges ahead.
  • Sharing thoughts and ideas about what social movements have achieved up to the date, what can be done better and what are we missing out.

The methodology of the seminar will build upon successful participative experiences and will collect the work done in previous European meetings. We aim to have dynamic and participatory discussions, where all participants actively engage in the discussion. We will not have long presentations and long speeches by a few but we wish to work with the creativity, knowledge and wisdom of the many.

Download the program and invitation to the seminar.


You may find information about the last European meeting in Amsterdam: a creative strategy meeting facilitated to allow and respect diversity of opinions and interests, bringing together civil society groups and grassroots activists and producing concrete outcomes (eg. @TheTroikaParty).



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