Plateforme d’Audit Citoyen de la Dette en Belgique (ACiDe)




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The Belgian government has begun, as a good neoliberalism student, to enforce austerity at its population : progressive decrease of unemployment compensations, pensions system reform, wages freeze, attacks on public services etc. All this to pay a public debt which massively increased those last decades for several reasons and extended still more this last years with banks bailouts, among others. A campaign, named « A qui profite la dette ? », was launched at the end of 2012 by four organisations with the goal of bringing the population to ask themselves : « The debt that we are forced to pay with austerity measures is it ours ? Is it a legitimate or illegitimate debt ? Why don’t we hear nothing about its origins ? Do we agree to pay ? ».

Quickly, local groups were created to begin the audit process (with research/analysis and awareness/mobilization working groups) and a national coordination was created in february 2013. We are now working on national, regional, local, gender, ecological, social security and hospitals audits. We launched a website for the citizens’ platform and a guide for a citizen audit in Belgium. There are ten local groups and thirty organizations participating in the process. And it’s just a beginning… We need to retrieve control on our indebtedness and on the economic orientation of our society in general.

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