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The Greek Debt Audit Campaign (Protovoulia gia tin Epitropi Logistikou Eleghou, ELE) was launched in March 2011, uniting a broad spectrum of people to demand a full independent examination of Greece’s public debt. Since the beginning of the current crisis, Greek people have been kept in the dark about the composition, the structure, the maturity, and the origin of the public debt. We work on a citizen’s debt audit that aims to provide arguments and data to the social and labour movements against debt repayment & the scam debt restructurings that work in favour of the creditors and against the people.

We support an immediate suspension of all public debt repayments, as it can be proved that these payments have catastrophic effects on society. We also demand that Greece disentangles itself from the undemocratic tutelage of the Troika and its Memorandums; stops all public debt repayments until the human, social, economic and cultural rights of all inhabitants in Greece are upheld; forms an official audit commission which will be independent of all political parties, international and independent, composed of experts but also representatives of social & labour movements, and by no means be restricted to a parliamentary inquiry or body.  This Audit Commission seeks to overturn the balance of power between creditors & debtors, and to cancel all illegitimate, odious, or unsustainable parts of the public debt.












No Debt No Euro

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Since 2010 the Greek people are suffering an endless nightmare. Using as a pretext the public debt and the needs of the eurozone, gangs of banksters and their political personnel challenge our dignity, destroy our democracy, and bulldoze our lives. The streets of our country, till yesterday prosperous, are filled with homeless women and men; households freeze because they cannot pay for heating; one out of two young people, highly educated and competent by world standards, suffer exclusion from the labour market; fields lie fallow, while mass hunger is seen here for the first time after the 1940s.

In a country whose production was decimated in the years of the euro, rich get richer while salaries slide to Third World standards. The labour marked turns into a jungle under the orders of the Troika, and pension funds are sacked to save the banks. The social state is demolished; the public health system, education, and social provision are destroyed. A neoliberal mafia without any democratic legitimacy controls government parties and mass media, ruling through coups and terrorizing the people. It snatches national wealth, atomizes society, and makes us work like slaves in return for symbolic wages. To make this easier, media push around the stereotype of the lazy Greeks; on the contrary, OECD data show that Greeks are the hardest working people in Europe. But they are also among the most exploited.

The Greek people resist furiously this attack, which is but one of the first phases of a concerted attack against all working people of Europe. With their struggles, stronger and stronger these last two years, they give an example to all. They mobilize en masse, learn with impressive speed, blueprint a different life. As the present government, supported by no social group beyond bankers and the rich, lacks any legitimacy, a major rupture seems to be ahead of us. A democratic uprising is coming.

No Debt No Euro was founded to support these efforts of the Greek people. We aim to participate in the study of the crucial political and economic issues related to the debt and the euro, as well as in the mass mobilisation. Our central objectives are to make the Greek state audit and delete the public debt, and immediately cease payments to the creditors. We work for the creation of an Audit Committee of public debt, mobilising not only specialists but also women, unemployed, young people and immigrants.We demand to exit eurozone, and use productively the funds that will thus be secured, for the benefit of the poorest. To institute workers’ and social control of the means of production. To delete the debt of over-indebted households. To create a central bank belonging to the state, without private shareholders. To cooperate with the other peoples of Europe for the creation of a Europe of labour. To study how the exit from eurozone will affect Greece, and to present solutions attuned to the needs of the people and not of the banks. To counter the propaganda of the mass media, that promote the interests of the state-financial power nexus. And finally, to help in all possible ways to eradicate poverty from our country.

The democratic structure of No Debt No Euro reflects our central objective, to attain a democratic society. Power lies in the General Meeting of members, representatives are revocable at any time, and we do not receive funds or any other support from Greek or other state institutions. Nor do we accept as members persons who express nationalist, sexist, fascist, or racist ideas or views. We try to function at all instances in the most democratic way, and we expect your help in our struggle.



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