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Nie Nasz Dług (Not Our Debt)

Website : www.nienaszdlug.pl

Contact : admin@nienaszdlug.pl

Facebook : www.facebook.com/NieNaszDlug


“The Not Our Debt (‘Nie Nasz Dlug (NND)’ in Polish) initiative originated in July 2011. The main purpose for establishing it was to address the urgent issue of the tightening debt loop, deepening economical, economical and social crisis, which nowadays overwhelmed not only the – so called – third World countries, but also the global North, including Poland. From the very beginning the activity of CADTM – an international organization that fights for the abolition of the illegal and illegitimate debt afflicting societies all around the world – was our best inspiration, which importance would be difficult to overestimate.

As the Not Our Debt initiative we oppose to the tyranny of the capital, to the policies and economy based on exploitation and to all kinds of plundering of the public property. In cooperation with international organizations we act in order to abolish all the debts, which are a result of immoral and illegal operations in Poland as well as in all other places in the world. This debt is not ours.

The first and most important task of our initiative is to deliver a widely available and reliable  information concerning the debt. It is about revealing true economical mechanisms and polices leading to the growth of the public and private debt. It is also about a detailed study and thorough audit of some specific cases, in particular the Polish public debt audit. In order to make the situation more transparent we:

– organize & participate in meetings, discussions and conferences concerning the debt issues, including a debate in Polish parliament;

– publish articles and materials popularizing the information concerning the debt, including a brochure containing an overview of the debt crisis;

– launched Polish ‘Not Our Debt’ website, Polish ‘Not Our Debt’ facebook profile as well as ‘Not Our Debt’ mailing group.

We are going to:

– collect the results of the debt audits conducted locally at different places in Poland and launch a broader public debt audit campaign;

– organize and support the common resistance against the austerity measures implemented in Poland as well as in other countries;

– revive our cooperation with international organizations fighting neoliberal policies and participate in the actions developed in order to abolish illegal and illegitimate debts all around the world.



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