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Collectif Rencontre citoyenne de lutte contre la dictature de la dette

Contact: fatcham@yahoo.fr

This collective was born in november 2013 with the main goal of freeing Tunisia from debt neocolonialism and its odious financial charge.

At the moment, those associations and organisations are part of the collective:

– Raid Attac Cadtm Tunisie (RAID)
– Union des Diplômés Chômeurs (UDC)
– Organisation Tunisienne de la Citoyenneté (OTC)
– Union Générale des Etudiants de Tunisie (UGET)
– Association de Protection de l’Ecole Publique (APEP)
See the article : http://www.leconomistemaghrebin.com/2013/11/09/elyes-fakhfekh-contre-vents-et-activistes-anti-dette/



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