Call to action: international support to the ILP presented by the PAH – Housing Debt [Fr]


 Video made by the PAH to explain the consequences of the evictions

and the mortgage debt on people’s day-to-day life.

The People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP) is the citizens’ response to Spain’s mortgage lending fraud. Endorsed by nearly a million and a half citizens, this ILP was submitted to congress by the Mortgage Holders Platform (PAH). We stand now at a crossroads as the ILP has yet to be approved by congress. The governing party, Partido Popular, which holds majority in congress, has already advanced that it will not vote in favour of the proposed measures.

At an international level, European social movements that struggle for the right to housing, also support this ILP. Furthermore, they assert that Spain’s mortgage law is unjust in unparalleled measure with regards to similar legislation across the European Union. For this reason they actively support the PAH’s proposals. Spanish citizens need all the backing they can gather so that the ILP’s basic requests can be approved in congress in the upcoming weeks. In addition, on March 14th, the EU’s Court of Justice issued a verdict on Spain’s mortgage law: the law in Spain is unjust.

Video with French subtitles