#TTIP – THE TRANSATLANTIC TREATY: more austerity, less democracy


Against austerity at every level

Everyone on the streets of Brussels during the European Council Summit,

Friday 19 December 2014!

Our national and European leaders continue to subject the people to the will of shareholders and multinationals while austerity becomes increasingly brutal. Most national austerity programmes are implementing EU recommendations according to the Stability and Growth Pact that our states have already signed-off. The measures are sending us into a recessionary spiral, imposing social regression at magnitude. The secret free trade negotiations also reflect their desire to uphold the interests of multinationals and their profit logic at the expense of a social, ecological and democratic Europe.

We call on all organisations and individuals to make December 19, 2014 a day of action and convergence of struggles. Take to the streets to remind our leaders that the public interest is not that of multinationals and lobbyists, and that democracy does not work without us. Only a truly social and democratic Europe will meet the basic social needs of the population and ensure a prosperous future for everyone within the limits of nature. It is high time to stop these butchers’ summits!

Occupy the streets of Brussels on Friday, December 19. The D19-20 Alliance will be there. We call on all movements, organisations, platforms and groups to do the same, in order to build as large an action as possible!

Their profits are the appropriation of our labour! We are the real Europe;

For an education, a job, food, public services,

a decent environment; stop the TTIP!

Against the budget cuts; we refuse to pay for their banking crisis!

More information on the website: d19-20.be





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