“We are auditing Greece”

What is exactly happening with Greece, what lies behind the negotiations and how important is debt and what are the consequences for the Greek people?

Last month Greece began a Debt Audit process which aims to analyse its debt on the basis of it being illegal, illegitimate, odious or unsustainable, through the Greek Debt Truth Committee. This international group has representatives from the Spanish Citizen Debt Audit Platform (PACD) and people from related groups such as the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM) or the Observatory of Debt in Globalization (ODG).

The PACD has launched a new monographic blog www.AuditamosGrecia.org in order to monitor this process, to bring it closer to citizens, to find similarities with the indebtedness’ process in the Spanish State and, above all, to show the injustice of the debt mechanisms, with focus on the Hellenic country. From now on, we will publish official information, interviews, analysis of the situation and voice our strong support for the Greek people, among other related contents.

We invite you to be part of this citizen audit project, which will guide us through the events surrounding Greece and the Audit of its Public Debt, which may mark a before and after in the relations among indebted countries and their creditors.

We are also taking this opportunity to send our message to the Greek people:
“You are not alone, We are all Greece!”



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One thought on ““We are auditing Greece”

  1. In opposition to all the references from the mainstream media that Greece is left alone, we know that the people of most European countries that are not represented by them, are with us. You understand the situation and you don’t rely on disregarding condemnations about the Greek people. Yes our previous governments were corrupt and hopefully that will be officially proven via the Greek Debt Truth Committee, but most people from the middle and lower classes work hard, many hours, pay their taxes and are deprived of basic social benefits from the state.
    We know that the people of Spain understand this and understand us.
    Thanks to you we don’t feel alone. You mustn’t feel alone either because the Greek people are with you too.
    Muchas Gracias

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