Workshop on Debt audits at Blockupy Frankfurt, November 22 to 24


Blockupy will return to Frankfurt in 2014 to resist the opening of the ECB’s new headquarters. Yet much remains open. It is the main objective of the European Action Conference to make plans together, to build structures and to decide about action dates and concepts.

ICAN members will be organising a Workshop on Debt Audits:

Common workshop proposal from CADTM, ATTAC Germany, DKP

Frankfurt and Rosa luxembourg Foundation

Citizens debt audits

The scope of this workshop will be to present the different campaigns all over Europe struggling against illegitimate debt and to share the different national experiences of debt audit carried on by citizens.

We will try to involve people from different countries on the example of the CACs (citizen audit committees) in France and in Belgium or the Plataforma por la Auditoria (PACD) in Spain to try to replicate those virtuous mechanisms in other countries. The idea is share those pieces of information, the methodology of the campaigns and the political strategies the in order to learn from each other experience.

Other European experiences/struggles from the society around debt issues are also invited to contribute to the workshop.

The idea is to:

– Explain the idea of a citizen audit to everyone who is interested

– Spread the virtuous circle of citizens public debt audit

– Try to give some guideline of action to start a citizen audit

– Continuing and incrementing networking around this issue

Everyone is heartily invited to contribute to this workshop:

– collecting material about his/her own debt campaign (short articles summarizing the situation, visual tools, fliers etc.)

– translating the collected material in English or write short summaries about it

– if the campaign is not already launched to start collecting materials around illegitimate debt in his/her own country and to think about the political actors that could be interested in a debt audit.

Contact persons:

• Stephan Lindner (Attac Germany,

• Chiara Filoni (CADTM,

• Bettina Mandellaub (DKP Frankfurt,

• Judith Dellheim (



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